Monday, February 27, 2012

Toronto's New Pizza Party Hosts.

Pizza holds a place in our hearts at all stages of life:

Childhood – a birthday party favorite.
High school – a lunch staple.
University – a late night saviour.
Post University – a no brainer date night.

Growing up not eating pizza because of lactose intolerance, I have made it a mission to make up for lost time. Lucky for me Toronto does pizza, and does it well!

There are a number of Neapolitan-style pizzerias across the city, that are worth checking out. I suggest you start in Kensington market.

Kensington Market has been called Toronto’s most eclectic neighborhood that attracts a diverse audience. The market has a charm with its vintage clothing stores, fresh produce, cafes, local watering holes and now Via Mercanti.

Via Mercanti is an unpretentious pizzeria specializing in good pizza and good coffee. True to their roots, Italian flags decorate the restaurant and staff uniform. The honorary big screen T.V. holds a prominent place in the dining area, to ensure that no one has to miss a football match.

But more importantly, I had to find a Mason jar connection to let you know about this fabulous place...

…And then came the meal.
Fungi pizza and its sidekicks hot chili and garlic, in jars, to dress your pizza to your liking. The jars become the centrepiece of the table, adding to the home feel of the restaurant.

Agreeing with my Resto bible, this is a place to discover.

This is your date night secret weapon. 

This place is a Toronto hotspot, with great food, fast service and big screen T.V. programmed to sports. (okay, I suggest leaving that last one to surprise.) 


  1. I love a good pizza. Great post, makes me hungry for some 'zza, even at midnight :P

  2. nom nom nom. I love pizza. My mouth is watering. I'm going to have take myself out on a date next time I'm in the big city.

  3. It is no secret among my friends and family: I could live off pizza for the rest of my life.

    And this sounds like such a cool idea! I think I will for sure have to check it out next time I'm in Toronto. Thanks for the info!

  4. I saw this article not too long ago about food in jars and thought it would go with your post: