me & the JAR

a b o u t   m e

Caught between the grape vines of Niagara and the city lights of Toronto you can catch me on the weekends searching for treasures. I am a collector, organizer, creator and a darn good taste tester.

The tradition of preserving is passed down in many households. Well – not mine! The only thing that was passed down to me has been my fascination with the jars themselves.

Perhaps it is the simplicity, or maybe the versatility that began my intrigue but it is the mason jar budget I am living on that has made me into an enthusiast.

a b o u t   t h e   m a s o n   j a r

The wonderful world of the Internet and splitting my time between two communities that LOVE local will fuel this blog’s content. The Mason Jar is for the collectors, the creators, the organizers and the foodies.

Mason Jar is a place to share ideas, finds and recipes surrounding my one of my favorite things, mason jars. Check back to see how creative I can get with this household staple.

There is only one rule: every post must have a connection to the jars.

So, liberate all your hidden mason jars, check in to pick up new ideas and get creative. Who knows we may even learn to preserve along the way.