Monday, March 12, 2012

Infused Alcohol

I naturally always look for people's unique uses for Mason jars. This one I got from a friend  and I cannot wait to share it. Infusing Alcohol.

Let's get one thing straight - we are not making alcohol here (yet) - we are just going to try and naturally flavour it, to make types of alcohol taste bearable - I mean better.

Infusion is the process of drowning a plant, fruit or vegetable in liquid, to extract the flavours into the liquid.  Yeah I know, why would you want to infuse alcohol yourself if there is now a liquor store full of inventive flavours. Go outside the box and create flavours you can’t find.

Here are some of the basic steps:

Your poison: It is your spirit that will be the base so make it a decent one. You want one that is smooth so it can make the flavours sparkle. A clear alcohol is necessary: so stick with vodka, rum or even tequila.

Flavour: When infusing alcohol spices, fruits and herbs are most common. I am going to stick with the most popular – fruit - for the first time. This is where you get creative. – Combine. Create. Use Your Imagination. For best results it is important to use fresh ingredients.

The Jar: Use clean air-tight quart size Mason Jar.

My First Attempt
Strawberry Infused Vodka
Starting Point: Wash the ingredients, cut them up if necessary and place them inside the jar and fill it with your poison. Shake a few times and cover tightly with a lid.
The process: The jar should be stored in a cool and dark place. A fridge or pantry would work. Shake your jar often during the infusion process. The infusion process will take from days to months, - this is based on your personal taste. If you are using intense flavors it will need less time then flavours that take longer to extract. Be sure to taste often to make sure you get your preferred flavour and can monitor the change.
Enjoy: Serve your new flavours over ice or in a cocktail. Share with friends. 
I just completed my first attempt- Strawberry Infused Vodka. Still debating on adding cinnamon later on in the infusion process. Thoughts?


  1. This sounds like all kinds of fun. I wonder if a watermelon would fit in a mason jar?

  2. The infusion process is quite interesting. I love the idea of mixing flavours that would otherwise be hard to find!

  3. This is a topic so near and dear to my heart! haha jk. But honestly, if you ever have some vodka lying around and a bag of red jolly ranchers (I realize thats not as heather as fruit, herbs or spices.. but still) it makes a pretty amazing combination!

  4. OMG YES! This is most definitely worth doing. Stop making me want to collect mason jars! And stop with trying to feed my alcohol problems! Cheers!