Saturday, May 12, 2012

Working Jars

Spring has brought out everyones creativity and mason jars are everywhere I look! My apologies that things have not been fresh here at The Mason Jar lately but spring has brought lots of exciting changes. 

On the top of that list is the completion of the PR Post Grad program at Niagara College. It has been a bitter sweet month. The sweet - getting out there and using all the knowledge and tools in a career I am excited to jump into. The bitter - A great time with a steller team has come to an end. 

To celebrate this change (and my birthday) two of my favourite ladies, Renata and Marta, decided to jump start my career - in jars.

A-MASON' right? 

Let's break it down:

Jar 1: Fresh cut Lily of the Valley - who doesn't love fresh cut flowers on their desk?
Jar 2: The resilient Spider Plant - tough to kill plants are perfect for the workplace. 
Jar 3: Green Tea - better alternative for those coffee breaks.
Jar 4: Apple Cinnamon Tea - yummm. 
Jar 5: Supplies - all the things that float around your desk drawers junking it up! (paperclips, elastics, twist-ties, and Eco-stapler) 
Jar 6: Candy Cigarettes - for a healthy smoke break.

And to top it off a vintage holder that came with pens and pencils that grade 2's would fight over! 

Cheers to jars, friends and the future! 

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